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How to know which essential oils are right for you

This is a very important question. Each person is different, and has their own unique make-up, body chemistry, health issues, etc. What is an excellent oil for one person may have zero effect on another person.

Or, an oil that was great for you 6 months ago, may no longer be helping you because your body may have changed and have different needs now.

One way to know which oils are right for you is to get educated about what each oil does. This can be done through talking to people, reading, etc. But even with some basic information about the uses of each oil, each person is still unique. An oil that helps person A's skin may not helping person's B's skin.

The left brain knowledge of beneficial information gathering as described above is great and important, but add to that the intuitive "knowing". Quiet yourself and get in touch with your heart. Get in touch with your gut instinct. With all the oils you have in your collection, simply pay attention to which one you are drawn to. You may be surprised as you get a new insight that helps you with something.

But a word of caution, because this is a skill to be developed. Some are more in touch with their intuition and gut feeling then others.

Also too, intuition may work great if you are looking for something general like an oil to give you a boost in the morning or relax you at night. But for more complicated "health" issues, I would advise a meeting
with somebody skilled in Applied Kinesiology (muscle checking) who has knowledge about essential oils.

Through Applied Kinesiology, the current condition of the body can be checked as well as which oils would help increase the general health of the body or help with a specific issue.

And in addition to that, I would also advise meeting with a healthcare provider who uses Applied Kinesiology in a larger more comprehensive system. The best system for this that I have found is called BodyTalk. BodyTalk is a holistic alternative medicine system. To learn more about BodyTalk, please go to my BodyTalk website at:

The muscle checking can be done in person or from a distance. If you would like to schedule an appointment for Applied Kinesiology testing for the oils at my office in San Diego or over the phone, I would do that for $20. A BodyTalk session can also be done in person or from a distance.

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